The Categories

The CWA 2023-2024 Season is now open. For feature screenplays, there are four main genre categories to compete within.  Additionally, there are categories for television and short film.

FEATURE FILM SCRIPTS: approx. 90-120 pages

  • ACTION & ADVENTURES – All types including: Action, Adventure, Action-Thriller, Action Comedy, Sci-Fi       & Fantasy Action, Comic Book/Super Heroes, Martial Arts, Western, Adventure Drama
  • HORRORS, THRILLERS, & FANTASIES – All types including: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Supernatural, Film Noir, Occult, Sci-Fi Horror, Mythological, Sci-Fi Disaster
  • COMEDIES – All types including: Comedy, Dark Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Comedy Thriller, Heist Comedy, Slapstick, Musical Comedy, Satires
  • ALL DRAMAS & FAMILY – All types including: Drama, Family, Coming-of-Age, Family Adventure, Gangster, Period/Historical, Political, Animation, Romantic Drama, Musicals, Western, and War Epic


  • ORIGINAL TV SITCOM PILOT: Up to 50 pages
  • ORIGINAL TV  DRAMA PILOT: Up to 70 pages
  • SHORT FILM SCRIPTS: Up to 40 pages. We accept short film scripts of all genres.


Each script entered into the contest will be entered into one category of the entrant’s choosing. If an entrant would like to enter a single script into more than the one allotted category, the cost is $15 for each additional category, and you can order this at check out via Film Freeway only.


Resubmission Fee: $45 – Should an entrant want to resubmit their script during the same season after the initial entry has taken place; they are welcome to do this at a discounted submission rate. The resubmission fee is $45, and the new resubmitted script will replace the older script as a new submission.

To order your resubmission, you can do so online with the promo code below. Simply visit the CWA submit now button and click to enter a new entry only script and a discount will be applied at the end that will reflect the $45 rate.

Resubmission Discount Code: resubmit!

Once the resubmission is processed, the script will then be in the prelim judging round as if a new entry and will be re-read. The new resubmission score will replace the old score.

NOTE: The script will be verified that it is a replacement within the same season. Do not use the code above if you are submitting your script for the first time in the current season regardless of whether you have submitted to CWA in past years. In this case, you will put up a brand new entry for your script in the current season. For questions, email us *If you ordered the brief notes or other coverage option on the original script submission, the resubmitted script will receive a new Judge’s scorecard & a brief update of notes after the resubmission has been judged (a couple of paragraphs of notes).